Become an Officer

The following positions are up for election on the HDI Nebraska Board.
If you are interested in any of these positions, or would like more info... contact us here.

HDI Officer Info Happy Hour!
March 21st 5:30 - 7:00
Brazen Head - Emmet Room
319 N 78TH ST, Omaha NE 68114

Come learn about the fabulous opportunity to take your experience in the ITSM industry to a higher level by engaging as an HDI Local Chapter Officer.

The HDI Officers will be present to provide first hand experience and career benefits as an HDI Officer and address your questions. 

Refreshments provided!

Please RSVP!


  • Preside over all meetings of the chapter and the board.
  • Ensure officer positions are filled and oversee officer nomination and election processes.
  • Represent the chapter on all official HDI matters.
  • Oversee all chapter activities with and through the other officers.
  • Take steps to ensure all officers and members abide by the local chapter operating principles and policies agreement.
  • Act as a tie breaker when voting.
  • Perform other duties pertaining to the office of president as defined by HDI.

VP, Programs

  • Identify topics and speakers and set meeting agendas.
  • Solicit hosts and presenters for each meeting.
  • Correspond with VP, Marketing & Communications about upcoming meetings and events.
  • Collaborate with VP, Finance and VP, Sponsorship to ensure proper funding.
  • Serve as primary contact for educational program ideas and requests.
  • Vote on issues.
  • Perform other duties pertaining to the office of VP, Programs as defined by HDI.

VP, Marketing & Communications

  • Take minutes at every meeting and present them to the webmaster for publication on the chapter website.
  • Maintain chapter records.
  • Submit to HDI at least one copy of all announcements, newsletters, meeting minutes, and other materials that are produced and distributed by the chapter.
  • Communicate with HDI for information regarding upcoming national events.
  • Send a survey to chapter meeting attendees.
  • Be the backup for the webmaster editor.
  • Vote on issues.
  • Perform other duties pertaining to the office of VP, Communication as defined by HDI.

VP, Sponsorship

  • Maintain the Chapter’s current sponsor program, reviewing it annually to ensure it communicates a clear Value Proposition between the HDI Nebraska and participating vendor/service providers and local Corporations.
  • Create partnering programs for existing or new industry-aligned vendors/service providers that results in vendor/service provider funding and participation in the Chapter’s monthly and special events, as well as out reach to each other’s customers.
  • Create partnering programs for new or existing Corporations local to the HDI Nebraska community to help drive special event funding, while honoring contributing Corporate brands at said events and in Chapter communications (web, social media, email)
  • Maintain the vendor/service provider list and continually obtain additional sponsors.
  • Maintain the corporate sponsor list and solicit additional sponsors as appropriate to special events.
  • Remain vendor neutral.
  • Find ways to introduce members to current sponsors.
  • Survey each vendor/service provider after each meeting to obtain feedback for improvement.
  • Send Thank You letters to participating sponsors in a timely manner following each event.
  • Ask sponsors for program to provide speakers/activities as part of programming.
  • Collaborate with VP, Programs and VP, Finance to ensure proper funding.
  • Vote on issues.
  • Perform other duties pertaining to the office of VP, Sponsorship as defined by HDI.